What to draw?!

What do you do when you are stuck with the white page block?

I enjoy a few different options when i get hit by one but my favorite: is the draw this in your style challenge on instagram.

Other then being fun, i find it very instructive, i learn a lot from them and i get to draw stuff that i normally wouldn't.

Here is a few examples of my illustrations, not sure if i could put here the original art, but i strongly suggest that you go and have a look at the account of the artists that so gracefully allowed us to use their design as their work is amazing.

A fantastic concept from @heikala:

A beautiful character from @pernilleoerum

A grumpy dog from @chatterton1 that i thought desperately needed a hug

And a red bear from @george.j.tonks who has such a unique style

These are just a few with which i learned more about color and shapes.

what do you do when you are stucked ? :)

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