What more do I need to complete my book?

So in my previous post, I mentioned That even if I had 26 Lively illustrations and great text to go with them, my journey was far from being over. You must wonder what on earth what could i do more!?

I went to visit my friend Julie-Kim with an electronic version of my book and we read it with her boy who I think was 6 at the time. He Liked it: got laughs out of him. But Julie mentioned that it was a little repetitive and long. I Obviously couldn't shorted it.... So She suggested that I add something to break the repetitiveness to re-catch the kid's attention. A Fantastic suggestion!!

So This is How Steve came to be:

With the Help of Veronique, we find interesting ways for Steve to sneak in the book and make the kid think and laugh!

So you're thinking: Now she must be ready to get the book out there!? Well............ I tried.... I Sent it to publishers and g0t one proposition, but I didn't like it, so I decided to go and try for self-Publishing via a crowdfunding campaign (currently working on it!).

Before going for a final print, my friend Abigail offered to look at it more closely to make sure there aren't any mistakes floating around (which could have been possible since english is my second langue). Did she find mistakes? a few.... But she also noticed a MAJOR flaw in my book that sent me back to my drawing table... I'll explain it in the next post XD

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