As mentioned in the previous post, I was about getting ready to send Steeve the Snake into the world, when a friend of mine notice a HUGE flaw in my book.... Have you been curious to find out what it was!?

She made me realize how stereotyped I was! On the 26 letters, only 5 was represented by female animals, and two of them were doing typical lady job: kindergarten teacher and nurse.... I never thought I could have so many bias considering that for the last 20 years I've been working in a mainly man world as a navigation officer. OUPS!

That might have been a reason why I didn't get any interesting offer for my book when I tried to find a publisher. With the contracts that I did with some of them, they are EXTREMELY careful about that.

So I decided it was an extremely good reason to go back to my drawing and fix this problem: I have now 13 females animals vs 13 males oneS!

So now you're surely thinking that I must be done with changes! Well no.... XD. Publishing a book is an adventure filled with unexpected turns! That makes another good reason to write a blog post in a few days from now!

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