REvisiting Old sketches

I drew this sketch of a polar bear hugging a not so impressed tiger about 2 years ago. I was quite impressed with myself at the time, and I still am after two years. However....

At some point this week, I didn't know what to draw, so I decided to color it as is since I thought the sketch still looked great. As I started to work on it though, many new ideas came to me to make it more lively and interesting like more squish, the tiger more unbalanced with an arm extended, use the tail for a better silhouette ...

Here is the result:

Doesn't look like the sketch I started with right?... It's in these situation that you notice your own growth.

A pat on the back for me ! Yeah

The secret? just keep drawing, just keep drawing, drAAaaAaAwing, DraaaAAaawing! (imagine saying that with the 'melody' of 'just keep swimming' from Dory in Finding Nemo)


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