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As mentioned in the previous post, I still had one more thing to take care of before being really ready to send Steve the Snake and the professional ABC Critters into the world.

I really thought I was done with changes once I got the proportion of girls versus boys fixed... So I started to look into the price I would like to sell it so that it's fair for the buyer but also to me with all the work I put into it. That wasn't too hard. But I decided also to look into the shipping cost just to make sure no one will have an unpleasant surprise....

Well I had an extremely unpleasant surprise.... Even to ship it near my home the price would have been close to the same as the book. I wouldn't pay that much shipping, so I assumed not much people would.....

What to do!? I had to take a hard decision. Make the book smaller and give up on the rigid covers.

That being said, I'm super sad for the rigid covers, but in addition to reduce the price of shipping, it will reduce also the price of production: a bonus!

But the Change in size ended up causing a change in the proportion of the book. I was quite annoyed as it took way longer then I expected to make the change! But that resulted in a pleasant surprise: I like the knew format way better! It's slightly longer then the previous version and make the placing of the characters versus the text way better in my opinion!

Now you surely wondering if I'm done with it!? I'm super happy to say that YeS: Steve the Snake and the professional ABC Critters is ready to be sent out into the world! Yeah!

So in the next coming weeks I'll work on my crowd funding campaign and will definitively let you know when you'll be able to add this fun book to your collection!

If you want to stay informed of the progress of my project and not miss out on the opportunity to encourage me and get your own copy, you can subscribe to my newsletter.

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