The creation of the final illustrations of Steeve the Snake and the Professional ABC Critters

Updated: Feb 4

As mentioned in a previous post, it took 2 years before I considered doing something with the 26 sketches i did of the alphabetic animals.

It's always nice to see the progress i made with my drawing skills over the years... I ended up keeping the concept but redrew all of them...

Mike the Mole - Musician

Hector the Hamster - Hairdresser

Yasmina the Yak - Yogi

Some find a new job like:

Ugo the Urial - Umpire

And I replaced a few with new animals and jobs like:

Todd the Tapir - Tailor

So after a few weeks of drawing I completed 26 illustrations for my ABC Book to be....

The next step!? Writing something pertinent to go with my images.... OMG! Didn't think of that when I started all this!!

I'll talk to you about the writing process on a coming post ;)

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